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Download Voifone

To set up a new Voifone account, download and install Voifone Communicator.  

Download & Install

To open a new account, simply download and install Voifone on  your Android or Apple mobile device. We verify all new accounts so be sure to enter your correct phone number and email during installation. We’ll send OTP (one-time-PIN) via SMS to your phone. We’ll also send an activation link to the email you enter. As soon as you verify the PIN and activate through email, your new account is ready to go!


Android & Apple Links



Want a Desktop Solution?

We recommend Zoiper Business 5.0


There are literally dozens of great FREE SIP softphones on the market that’ll work with your Voifone Communicator account.  Just enter your account number & password plus the domain ( into almost any softphone set up area and you’re good-to-go!  We have worked with Zoiper for years . Try it!

Zoiper Business 5.0 Features

Great for SMB, Call Centers, Corporate Environments • Combines all contacts into Zoiper contacts (Outlook, Windows/Mac, LDAP, XMPP, XCAP, Android, iOS) • Native code on Windows-Linux-Mac • jitter buffers – clock skew compensation – delay reduction  •  Call Transfer • Call Hold • Voicemail • Converence Call • CRM Integration • Address book integration • Click-to-dial browser plugin • Auto-Answer for Call Centers • Military grade encryption TLS-SRTP-ZRTP • Outlook & Thunderbird Plugins • Small Footprint (low memory & CPU usage, doesn’t need Java, Flash or .NET, written in C/C++ & Assembly language) • Call Recording • Switch between multiple accounts on one softphone.


Download Free Version, Zoiper Lite

Windows • Mac • Linux • Windows Mobile • Android • iOS

Click the Zoiper logo to download a FREE version for almost any operating system.  Just a simple dialer without all the extras.


Get paid to use Voifone

Register as an Affiliate to earn money just for using Voifone like any other Instant Messenger.