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Low-cost worldwide text-messaging to more than 220 countries
When you REALLY need to contact somebody, text-messaging through mobile carriers is BY FAR the most effective method.  Voifone SMS does just that.  Sure you pay for it.  But rates are very low and studies have shown a 94% read-rate for SMS compared to any other form of communication (see below).

Worldwide Text Messaging

We’re talking SMS (Short Message Service), delivered through your recipient’s mobile carrier, NOT through an app!  They don’t need to be online or logged into our app or any other application.

We feature low pricing to most countries and many direct routes.  As an example, sending a text message to the Philippines from anywhere on earth (INCLUDING the Philippines) is as low as $0.0028 per message!

We even have a bulk SMS platform when you need to send SMS to groups or large lists.

Get Your Bulk SMS Account FREE

If you need to send SMS (text messages) to the cell phones of your contacts as a group, whether your list is 25 or 250,000, you need a Voifone SMS account.  Just click the button below to register your FREE bulk SMS account.  Then click on the black button to load funds and  start texting right away!

"If you aren't yet using SMS in your Domestic AND International notification and marketing efforts, you're missing the best-performing communications system ever devised."

– Richard Gaustad, Founder and CEO, Voifone Carrier, LLC

Unique Affiliate Training

Do more than simply use Voifone with  your relatives, friends and colleagues. Get paid by sharing Voifone with your friends, relatives, colleagues and the entire Internet community by training to become an Internet marketing specialist!

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