Voifone Feature Set - New UCS Coming Soon!

New UCS (Unified Communication System) Launching Soon

Our cloud-based PBX is ideal for SMBs, mid-sized companies and consumers worldwide. Get business grade services for a fraction of the normal cost with crystal clear call quality.  Our new UCS will provide more features for collaboration and communications than ever before.  Estimated launch is Q2 2022 (contact us for updates).

NOTICE:  Google Play and App Store links  below ARE NOT ACTIVE at this time – these icons are merely placeholders until project completion.


Voifone PBX & UCS Features


Development Status Update

Our engineers have completed roughly 80% of development prior to the Alpha and Beta testing phase.  We are conducting a joint Voifone Crowdfunding Campaign with our marketing partner (Ranking Trainer, LLC) to complete the last 20% of development. Please join us and Ranking Trainer  by acquiring your own Ranking Trainer membership and be among the first benefit even BEFORE Voifone UCS is launched.  Let’s get Voifone UCS to market as soon as possible!  This paragraph will be updated from time to time as we make progress toward the Voifone UCS Launch.  Please check back often.

The Best Reasons for Pre-Registration

Unlike all other UCS applications on the market (Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, etc.), we built our platform from the ground up to pay our users for their word-of-mouth efforts to spread the good word about Voifone.  We do it using LFM (“Leveraged Freemium Marketing”) using our all new, proprietary technology that auto-links every Voifone user to the referring user to create a massive genealogy of users.  This linkage is used to compensate every user to invites others to use Voifone with them.  There’s no selling or buying required.  Simply use Voifone as you would any other communicator.  The more you use it, the more you can earn!

Biggest Reward/Benefit:  By Pre-Registering here, you’ll be one of the early-adopters and participate in Beta testing of this product.  This means you’ll be among the FIRST to use this great new UCS!  As our app spreads around the world gathering millions of like-minded people, YOU will be among the first under whom this massive linked genealogy grows, and among the highest paid as one of the original users.  In addition to pre-registering for Voifone, consider becoming a full Ranking Trainer member who will be the FIRST Alpha and Beta testers who launch Voifone into the stratosphere.  

*Voifone UCS participates in an Affiliate program under which users are paid for sharing the application with other users.  Please read details of this Leveraged Marketing Automation system together with information on the Affiliate program for details.

Unique Affiliate Training

Do more than simply use Voifone with  your relatives, friends and colleagues. Get paid by sharing Voifone with those you already know AND the entire Internet by training to become an Internet marketing expert!

(Affiliate links to off-site Affiliate provider.)

"VoIP is the fastest growing sector of the telecom world. Voifone has taken a leading role in the industry by training our Affiliate team to become experts at online marketing."

– Richard Gaustad, Founder & Manager

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