how to dial 

International Calls

Follow the simple procedure below to call landlines & cell phones worldwide.

Calling Phone Numbers

Making direct calls to more than 220 countries is easy once you know the format.  Here it is:

  • Begin by entering  “+” or “00”.
  • Continue by entering the country code, area code and phone number as digits only, no spaces, periods, dashes, parentheses or other characters. (Example:  +18015555555.)
  • Tap on the SEND icon to call.

Sending Text Messages

Tap on the envelope icon found on the dial pad.  Then,

  • Select the country  you are calling.
  • Enter the phone number WITHOUT the country code
  • Make sure the first characters in your message say “From Firstname Lastname” in which you replace YOUR name with the placeholders.

Your message is sent through your contact’s mobile carrier. It arrives with a RANDOM sender ID.  This is the reason you MUST include your name as the 1st characters in your message. Otherwise, the recipient will not know who sent the message.

Free Calls to Your Voifone Contacts

Just omit the “+” or “00” and the country code. Dial the phone number (which is same as the account number) of your contact to make free calls worldwide.  Your contact must ALSO have Voifone Communicator installed and connected to data or WiFi. See full feature list.

Get paid to use Voifone

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