Refund Policy

Any and all users of Voifone Carrier services is subject to this Refund Policy upon payment of any fee, purchase of any product or service, registering for any service, being granted access to services, accessing services, logging into the customer portal or using Voifone Carrier services or any other service provided by GlobalTmail USA, LLC (“Company”).  All funds paid to the Company regardless of the product or service purchased, are considered fully earned when paid and become the property of the Company at the time funds are delivered through a Company website, PayPal invoice or payment system, credit card gateway, bank wire, check, cash or in any other many delivered to the Company.  Accordingly, all payments made to the Company by Customers, Clients, Members, firms or other entities or individuals are non-refundable.  The Company may, in its sole and absolute discretion, issue credits as the sole means of compensation in lieu of refund for the following:  Service failure or error, equipment failure or error, billing errors, undelivered pre-paid minutes, undelivered subscriptions or any other service that the Company deems worthy of such credit.  Customer agrees that credit issued for the same or similar service(s) shall serve as full and complete restitution in the event of any service interruption, non-performance, or other failure to receive Company services.  The Customer agrees to accept the amount of credit issued, if any, as determined in the sole discretion of the Company as full and complete compensation in lieu of refund for any claims made by the Customer for the amount(s) in dispute. The Customer further agrees that no credit in lieu of refund, nor refund shall be due when the Company has delivered the service(s) paid for as ordered by the Customer. Any credits issued shall be limited to, and shall not exceed, the maximum of the total paid by the Customer for any product or service ordered.