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Voifone Communicator works with MOST soft phones. Here are 2 we recommend.

Download & Start Calling

INSTRUCTIONS:  First you need a free Voifone account to use these phones.  Then follow the links & instructions below to install a soft phone on your device (PC, Android, Android Tablet, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Linux system or other OS or device listed by the soft phone maker).  We recommend either Zoiper or Linphone as listed below.  But our service works on almost any soft phone, most of which have a free version.  You’ll enter the host name (“”), your username and password only once after installation. After that, your phone is ready for use.  Contact us if you need assistance.  To call other Voifone users, enter their username and call. To call cell phones and land lines, log into your account and add funds, then direct dial your number including the country code, with no spaces or special characters, digits only.  Example:  USA:  18015555555. PHILIPPINES: 635555555555.

DOWNLOAD & CONFIGURE ZOIPER:  Zoiper is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8.    Please download your Zoiper soft phone by clicking the button below and follow the instructions provided.


Download & Configure Zoiper - All Versions

DOWNLOAD & CONFIGURE LINPHONE:  This softphone is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.  It’s also an open source application so the source code is also available.

Android Cell & TabletsWindows, Linux or Mac
iOS iPhones & iPads Windows Mobile 10