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Routes and Rate Decks

Last updated December 4, 2018


RATE DISCLAIMER:  Rates on this page are updated periodically, but not always on the same date as updates for specific customers. Custom rate decks are often assigned to customers. For precise rates you will need to qualify for and set up an account.


Feel free to download the entire rate deck of your choice by clicking on “CSV” above the Search field.  Please note these are large files and may take a little time to download based on your bandwidth.  Files are not compressed. See number of rows listed below the displayed entries.


Most rates are billed in 1-second intervals. A handful of countries including Mexico, are billed in 60/60 intervals. USA rates (NPANXX) are normally billed in 6-second intervals and are somewhat lower as a result; if you see 1-second intervals for NPANXX you will know this is a special offer available at the time you are viewing the rates, but 6-second intervals are also available to USA.   Your exact rates and intervals will be provided upon account approval and set up.


You must use the format 1NPANXX to look up rates in the  United States.  To look up A-Z RATES for non-USA countries, enter either the country name or country code + prefix (digits only, no spaces, dashes, slashes, periods, etc.) in the search bar.  If there are too many rates displayed in the country to find the rate you seek, just enter the country code + area code + prefix.  For instance, if I wanted to look up a phone number in the USA and the phone number started with 1801635, I would enter those numbers as DIGITS ONLY, without any spaces or other special characters in the NPANXX tab. Then wait while a match is found and displayed.   You will see your per-minute rate in the table.  If I want to look up a rate for the Philippines where the destination phone number begins with 63955, that’s what I would enter and would see the exat rate for that route.


NPANXXX:  This is our standard rate deck for the  United States.  To look up individual rates, enter the country code, area code and prefix in this format:  1NPANXXX where “1” is the USA Country Code, NPA is the 3-digit area code and XXX is the 3-digit prefix. For example, if you want to look up the rate for 1-801-635-555, you would enter the following in the Search field:  1801635.

 A-Z PLATINUM:  This shows our highest quality direct CLI routes.  This is the best route to use if you need caller ID to pass through to the Destination.

A-Z PREMIUM:  The Premium route will also push CLI to the Destination, but it is not a direct route so there will be more failures in delivery of caller ID.  It is a very good route but a grade below Platinum.

A-Z STANDARD:  This is our lowest quality route.  Very few customers  use it because of the low quality.  It does not pass Caller ID to the destination.  But it is useful for some purposes.

A-Z CC/DIALER:  This is for short-duration traffic.  If your ACD is less than 30 seconds this is the route you should use.  If you select another route and your ACD is extremely low, we may require you to us this route. Just click on the tabbed sections to view rates and download the deck(s) of your choice.


Platinum Rates

Premium Rates

Standard Rates

CC Dialer Rates

USA Rates for DID Service

Please note the following rates are subject to change without notice per our service agreement. Also, customers with higher volumes who commit to fixed minimum amounts per month ($1,200 per month up to $12,000 per month and more) may qualify for lower rates.

USA Toll Free Set-Up Per Number $2.50
USA Toll Free Monthly Per Number $2.00
USA Porting Fee Per Toll-Free Number $0.00 (Free)
USA Per-Minute Rate $0.014 (Billed in 1-minute increments
USA Local DID Set-Up Fee Per Number $1.50
USA DID Monthly Fee Per Number $1.00
USA Porting Fee Per Local Number $0.0 (Free)
USA DID Inbound Rate Per Minute $0.0065 (billed in 1-minute increments)

International Rates and Coverage for DID Service

76 Countries Including USA

We currently provide DID service to the destinations in the table below.  Please Contact Us for a custom quote for the services you require so we can provide the most accurate and up-to-date pricing possible.

Argentina Australia Austria Bahrain Belarus
Belggium Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil Bulgaria
Canada Chile China Colombia Croatia
Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador
Elsavador Estonia Finland France Georgia
Germany Greece Guatemala Hong Kong Hungary
Iceland India Indonesia Ireland Israel
Italy Japan Kazakhstan Kenya Latvia
Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Malta Mexico
Monaco Montenegro Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua
Norway Panama Peru Philippines Poland
Portugal Puerto Rico Romania Russian Federation Serbia
Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa South Korea
Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand
Uganda Ukraine United Kingdom United States Uruguay
Venezuela Vietnam