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NEW USER PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS:  If you just now submitted your Voifone Account Application, CONTRATULATIONS!   Your FREE registration has been accepted and is in process.  Payment is required before we complete provisioning.  Your account credentials will be delivered shortly after receipt of your initial payment.   Please add funds from one of the choices below based on your needs.  Once again, welcome to Voifone!

RETURNING USERS:  Please add funds to your account with one of the selections below.  Most payments are posted within 4 hours of receipt and often within minutes of receipt.  Please allow up to 24 hours for posting, especially on weekends or legal USA holidays.

Choose Your Calling Plan


Direct Dial Rates When Using Soft Phone:  Your calling plan for outbound calling through soft phones (Zoiper, Linphone, X-Lite, etc.) are determined by the amount added to your account balance.  You may add any amount in $10 increments up to $2,000 maximum.  When you add less than $50, we assign the Discount Calling Plan to your account.  When you add $50 or more to your account, the Wholesale Calling Plan is assigned.

PIN-less Calling Card:  Your rates are charged based on the per-minute rates in force for those services at the time you place each call (rates are subject to change without notice).  PIN-less rates can be looked up on our SERVICES PAGE.   Please note, Virtual Calling Card rates are charged at $0.02 higher than the stated rates.

Where to Find Call Details:  You can view ALL your call details, including per-minute prices and your account balance, by logging into your account through any browser. Calls made or received from subscription-based services will show as “$0.00” charge.  Calls with per-minute rates will show up with precise amounts when you log in to view them.

Load Funds to Voifone Account



USA Phone Number


$20/Month, Unlimited Inbound Calls to USA Phone Number

PayPal available as a payment method in 203 countries.

North America Monthly Plan


$8.95 Per Month

PayPal available as a payment method in 203 countries.

North America Annual Plan


$75 Per Year

PayPal available as a payment method in 203 countries.

No Card?

Alternate Payment Methods

No debit card, credit card or PayPal account? We also accept bank wires, Western Union and Money Gram payments.  Contact Us for details.

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